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At DNA Cosmetic Energy Healing I am focused on providing rejuvenation with a gentle yet powerful healing modality & these treatments will exceed your expectations! In addition to transforming the skin and body, I share insights revealed during the treatment. Spiritual services are also available, which bring to light the messages your body has for you, and enable you to navigate through life with clarity and purpose. I recommend my Bootcamp to those spiritual warriors who wish to reawaken their confidence and authenticity! Be inspired to invest in Yourself and deepen your connection, awareness, and joy!

Cosmetic Energy Healing® is an ancient spiritual healing art that manipulates the exterior of the body, while facilitating deep transformation. An internal shift occurs for the physical transformation to happen. For example, when you smile to take a selfie, as soon as the photo is over your expression drops, yet, when you describe your beloved pet, your whole face glows! This protocol awakens you in the same way, from the inside out!

This method of healing is unique. I prepare with intention and prayer, then proceed with guidance. Next, I synchronize with the client’s Energy Body to intensify the healing energy, improving flow and circulation, then perform a detox, releasing stagnant and stuck energy. This technique allows the body to regain balance, and the harmony is reflected in their countenance. Often, there are residual issues that resist healing, and using additional tools they too can be transformed.

One tool is DNA & CELLULAR HEALING: Our genes come from our parents and they determine the color of our eyes, and every aspect of our body. Over time, the tips of the DNA erode and give incomplete information to the next generation of cells. Aging, plus radiation, toxins, and stress all contribute to irregular cell division. Cosmetic Energy Healing® can facilitate reprogramming the DNA by going back and slowly reversing the abnormal changes to the code, or create a new code for healthy cells.

Another tool is ANCESTRAL HEALING: Science is still learning why some genes are dormant and what makes them express. Is it possible that beliefs, memories and traumas from our ancestors are affecting our genetic expression? This field of science, epigenetics, is fascinating!  I can address the current issue by cleansing the ancestral lineage, clearing the trauma and the energy that is being passed down from generation to generation.

An additional tool is PAST LIFE HEALING: All of our thoughts, memories and emotions from each life accumulate and make an energetic imprint on our soul. If we have not healed those experiences, the energy is carried over into future incarnations. By facilitating the energy of past lives to heal through soul communication, we can learn our lessons with love and create health and balance.

With such a variety of tools to facilitate your transformation, I'm sure you'll feel amazed when you release old energy patterns and become truly beautiful, empowered, confident and sexy! Call DNA Cosmetic Energy Healing today, (805)570-0168. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon!

I deeply appreciate the amazing potential of this work and how it helps revitalize people on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

Why us? Call (805)570-0168

Many people have sought

out Cosmetic Energy Healing®

as a non-surgical approach to

beauty, or they prefer holistic

options. Not only does Cosmetic Energy Healing® provide a safe

and natural alternative for those

clients, it causes no (unwanted)

side effects.

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