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Gina Smith grew up with a deep sensitivity and empathy for others. Many of her intuitive and psychic gifts were shared with her mother. As life progressed, she valued the role of chemistry and math in discovering solutions to life’s problems. Working as a pharmacist, she consulted with patients, improving their understanding of medications and health, but recognized limitations with pharmaceutical care and found that few patients were actually healed. In an effort to offer them some relief, she began blessing and praying over their prescriptions.

With all her knowledge of science and physiology, and her 50 years of experience in pharmacy, she was left helping people only "manage" their diseases. This inspired her to explore other modalities. She had the opportunity to study with Lily Chandra at the International Association of Cosmetic Healing Arts and received both certifications. 

She continues helping others by offering clients the benefits of Cosmetic Energy Healing® - no longer behind the counter. Gina's specialized knowledge of current medical therapy continues to support her clients, while this ancient spiritual healing art provides a safe, non-invasive treatment free of side effects.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® can consciously change the body, including DNA and cellular metabolism, back to a naturally healthy and balanced state. This protocol pinpoints specific traumas and emotional residue from this life and past lives that create blocks in energy. By using this method to clear and direct energy, the body transforms internally and externally. It is another example how body, mind, and spirit are interconnected!

It is very exciting sharing Cosmetic Energy Healing® with those who suffer, offering an effective technique to facilitate clients’ health, beauty, and well-being while harmonizing their emotional and spiritual renewal. Clients feel radiant and see immediate results. An amazing bonus is that by looking a little younger, it seems to encourage new opportunities and self-confidence!

“Beauty from the inside out” occurs once the healing effects within the cells are activated, rejuvenating the whole body and spirit!

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