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Healing Energy Facials

The hour long session involves a rejuvenating facial, and the energy of the skin is manipulated to reverse the effects of aging. Benefits are seen in the neck, eyes, nose, and face. You may feel relaxed and empowered! This facial is recommended once a month. $200 each

Special Introductory Offer (initial visit only): 30 min. session $125


Beautifying Hair

The hour long session targets hair; if you want it thickened or thinned, straightened or curled, regrown or removed, I can energize your preference. What about reversing gray, or eliminating a cowlick? Maybe the eyelashes need lengthening or thickening? Usually 5-10 sessions are recommended. $200 each


Skin Brightening

The hour long session activates and balances energy in the cells to reduce spider veins, varicose veins, moles, scars, sun spots, and stretch marks. Usually 5 sessions are recommended (& the treated blemishes must be located close together to be addressed in the same appointment). $200 each


Energetic Plastic Surgery

The hour long session involves reshaping the area of your choice: facelift, nose contouring, neck lift, breast enlargement or reduction, tummy tuck, butt lift, cellulite reduction, energetic liposuction. Usually 5 to 10 sessions are recommended to maintain and enhance the results. $300 each or $1400/5-sessions (use in 3 months (5% off) or

$2700 /10-sessions (use in 3 months 10% OFF)


Chakra Balancing Healing & Activation 

The hour long session detoxifies and optimizes the intensity of each energy center by removing any stagnation, improving the frequency of its vortex, harmonizing the reception and expression of energy, aligning the whole body and increasing awareness. Wellbeing is restored and enhanced. Usually 5-10 sessions are recommended. $200 each


Bodywork ~ Medical Intuitive

The hour long session provides healing energy and promotes wellness. This is designed for treating an afflicted area in the body, a specific health issue, or post-surgery recovery. This process addresses the etiology, removes blockages and detoxifies, re-balances, and releases stuck thoughts and emotions, strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. Usually 10 sessions or more are recommended. $200 each


Distance Healing

Remote healing can be very effective in the comfort of your own home. One session often provides dramatic results, and multiple sessions deepen & anchor the transformed energy. Email your photo, birthdate, and share your goals. Packages available:

5 sessions $950, 10 sessions $1800; or $200 each


Feng Shui Bodywork

Feng Shui is actually the art of living in a state of harmony with the

energy around us. During this hour long session I work with your body to create balance and bring good health, happiness and prosperity into your life.

$200 each session


Nutrition Guidance/Wellness Coaching

Improve all areas of you health from energy to digestion with an anti-inflammatory eating plan of real food designed just for you. Boost your mood, decrease aches and pains, sleep better and reduce symptoms of chronic diseases. Personalize package $800 for 4 weeks

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