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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cosmetic Energy Healing®?

    It is an ancient spiritual healing art promoting a deep healing and transformation by energetically working with a protocol to reestablish alignment. First an energetic detox is performed. Then, through psychic communication, cellular healing including DNA and ancestral healing is addressed. Additionally, past-life therapy and karmic healing is carried out.

Cosmetic Energy Healing® pinpoints specific events that caused the imbalance in the body, then, by healing the trauma and stress, the body is brought back into balance and experiences proper health. Imbalances can stem from childhood trauma or stressful events, and by reviewing ancestral lineage and past lives, insight reveals how and when these patterns were created and then identifies the karmic lessons.

How many sessions will I need?

   The exact number of sessions is determined after the first session, and is based on the specific situation, how well the client incorporates the healings, and the readiness of the client to let go of unhealthy energy patterns. For best results, scheduling 5 sessions is recommended, arranging them at intervals of once or twice a week. This allows the healing to go deeper and deeper, with each session building on the success of the previous one, effectively working through many layers and yielding lasting results.

When working with the skin, I generally recommend 5 treatments, scheduling once a week for 5 weeks, depending on how thoroughly the client integrates the healings - it may require 10 treatments.

When the treatment area is large, more sessions would be needed, at least 15 to 20. When working with the hair, I generally recommend at least 10 treatments scheduling twice a week for 5 weeks.

Are the results guaranteed?

    Cosmetic Energy Healing® is an ancient spiritual healing art that manipulates the exterior of the body, as if it were clay, while facilitating deep transformation. An internal (energetic) transformation must occur in order for a physical transformation to happen. As a practitioner, I am leading the client, energetically we dance and co-create together, each of us contributing 50% to the dance, so results can vary from person to person based on what the client is ready to integrate. This healing art alone cannot create physical results, it is ultimately up to the recipient to allow the transformation to happen.

During the treatment, the client is gently guided to their destiny path, where they have the opportunity of choosing to release their imbalance - this feels like rediscovering their wholeness. They are encouraged, nurtured, and totally accepted and supported in their choice. The good news is, when given this opportunity, Consciousness appears very ready for this shift!

When will I see results?

    Results vary greatly in each situation, and benefits can be seen after the first session. In general, the first few treatments detoxify and work at gently cleansing the body, not only energetically and physically, but also emotionally and spiritually, so improvement is seen in the client's appearance. By the third treatment, the changes will be clearer, and it is advised to continue for the recommended number of sessions to set the energy, reinforcing the results. In some situations, it is common to see the area continue to improve for a week or so after treatment.

What can I expect during a session?

    If being seen In Person, please wear comfortable clothing. First, you'll sit down, and we'll discuss your treatment goals, issues and concerns, while I take some notes. Then, when both of us are ready, the energy healing portion of the session begins. You'll lie down comfortably on a massage table. Using a healing touch, I'll begin manipulating and energizing the skin, flowing energy in to detoxify and cleanse the body. Then I reset the body by reprogramming the cells by communicating with their DNA, addressing imprints from thoughts, memories, and emotions. Even unprocessed memories and traumas from our ancestors may be cleared, as well as any unhealed energetic imprints accumulated from past lives. This therapy results in reversing the aging process, rejuvenating the body. About 45 minutes later I'll consult with you, sharing some insights and recommend the frequency and duration of treatment needed to reach your goals. I'll offer you water ~ please drink as much water as possible that day. The complete session is one hour long, including the discussions, treatment and consultation. Music may be played, and it is okay to talk or be silent.

If you've signed up for a Distant Healing, you will be in the comfort of your own home lying down resting. Be sure to drink water before and after your session, and more water throughout the day. When you initially sign up, just email me a photo, your date of birth, and the service that you are interested in, and when you previously treated this problem. We will schedule an appointment and during that session I will work on you remotely while you rest at home - you may feel some tingling energy or you may feel nothing; please have phones and computers turned off. I will email you within two days with a brief summary. After the first session, I'll recommend the number of treatments needed. 

What can I expect on a subsequent session?

    You will have the exact same session described above. Our discussions will include what you noticed after your last treatment, and how your treatment goals have been met, or perhaps evolved. Your progress and expectations will be evaluated. The complete session is one hour long, including the discussions and treatment.

What happens to me during the session? Do I feel the shift that is occurring in the DNA, cells, past-life, or karmic healing?

You'll lie on a massage table, face up. DNA Cosmetic Energy Healing® is a totally nurturing experience, you are present and aware, feeling deep harmony and relaxation. You'll feel the movement of my hands over your face, scalp and body. You may feel a warming sensation in parts of your body, or you may want a blanket because you are feeling chilled. It's calming and comfortable, and you are welcome to talk at any time. Some clients experience a tingling or sense energy shifting in their body. Once the session is complete, you'll feel peaceful.

How can the nose be changed without surgery?

Since healing occurs by transforming energy within cells, reprogramming the DNA will affect bones, too. Reshaping the nose creates symmetry, removes bumps, and improves breathing. It does take extra sessions, as adjustments are incremental, and the best results are seen when the sessions are 4 to 5 days apart, to achieve a cumulative effect. Approximately 15 sessions are recommended.

Can you explain "Energetic Plastic Surgery"?

    With my hands, I reshape the face and body, as if it were clay, sculpting curves and adding symmetry. Results vary and may take a few treatments before they are noticeable. In order to maintain the results, 5 sessions are recommended, 4 to 5 days apart.

Facelifts -the face is lifted by energetically shrinking, strengthening and firming the skin and muscles. This method can lift the eyes, make them bigger, lift droopy eyelids, reshape eyebrows, plump and improve lip color, firm the jawline, reduce wrinkles, rejuvenating the face.

Neck Lifts - the neck is lifted while the skin is tightened and reprogrammed to shrink and hold the new shape. Lines due to sagging skin are energetically removed. Sun damaged skin can be repaired by smoothing and softening skin while blending the skin tone.

Breast Enlargement & Reduction - the breasts are lifted, shaped, and resized. Cosmetic Energy Healing® can lift and tone the breasts and tighten the skin to prevent sagging; cleavage can be corrected, and breasts can be augmented or reduced.

Tummy Tucks - first the spine is realigned energetically and the seven chakras are balanced, then digestion is corrected. Healing a bloating stomach can result in a flatter tummy. Then the functions of the internal organs are improved, the whole abdomen is detoxed, communication is optimized, and the skin and muscles of the stomach are firmed, shaped, and tightened.

Butt Lift and Shaping - the butt is lifted, reversing the effects of gravity. Cosmetic Energy Healing® creates the desired shape and size while providing lift. Ideal for looking amazing in clingy clothes.

Energetic Liposuction - the energy is focused to shrink and remove unwanted bulk, then the skin and muscles are tightened and toned. This is often used on the legs, stomach and waist.

Why is healing my DNA so important?

     Cosmetic Energy Healing® follows the principle that the body is made of matter and energy. Our DNA is our genetic blueprint passed down by our ancestors. This information initially creates the body that we are born with.

Our cells are constantly dividing and are creating exact replicas of themselves. Sometimes cells divide irregularly, which creates a different genetic code. Also, the telomeres (the protective tips of the DNA strands) become shortened over time, leading to many age-related conditions. When these cells divide, they use their damaged DNA to replicate, producing an irregular cell. This faulty information is copied with each subsequent cell division. This is how the DNA code changes throughout life. Aging is a result of this irregular cell division plus oxidation.

In contrast, when the body is in balance, it intrinsically knows how to heal itself. Cells divide regularly, and if any disturbances occur, the body can restore itself. When the body is out of balance, the healing process is not as efficient, and aging and disease exist.

What is Distance Healing?

     Request these sessions by phone or email. Please include your photo, date of birth, your treatment goals, and the date of your previous treatment for this area. Together we will schedule a convenient time when you can allow the energy to flow. The best way to receive the energy is to rest and be in a quiet, relaxed position, with phones and computers off. Even falling asleep yields great results. Remember to drink a lot of water before and after the session. Your readiness to heal, to accept and integrate the transformation and release any static energy is essential for success. Within two days of the session, I will send an email sharing insights with you.

What is your Appointment Cancellation Policy?

I understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies, but when a client fails to keep an appointment, or cancels at the last minute, professional time goes unused and other clients are prevented from getting timely service. Please call me at (805) 688-8321 by 2 P.M. on the day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify me of any cancellations. To cancel a Monday appointment, please call my office by 2 P.M. on Friday. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged $100 for the missed appointment.

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