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Today, we are understanding more and more about our spiritual connection with our physical and mental health. Situations that directly affect one area, affect us in all other areas as well. Sometimes we feel lost, having overcome challenges, yet our scars have clouded our awareness of our joy and  The mind is powerful, the spirit can work wonders, and the body is an expression of the activities of our mind and spirit. As a Energy Healing Practitioner, I offer a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellness, and spiritual well-being. 

The physical body can be rejuvenated energetically. My goal is to pamper you from the inside out, bringing out your individual natural beauty, and rejuvenating your skin, hair and body. The experience is unique!  Cosmetic Energy Healing® works on a deep level, so there are many benefits, and results are seen even in a single session and can also be achieved remotely. The ancient healing art manipulates the exterior of the body like clay, reversing aging and reshaping the body while facilitating a profound spiritual renewal. Because I'm reprogramming the DNA and lingering energies, the entire body will feel the effects of the transformation. At this time, few practitioners are trained, and they are among the most qualified in the industry. The treatments are offered In Person or as Distant Healings.

Whether you need a revitalizing facial and longer eyelashes, a softer new hairstyle, spider vein or gray hair removal, skin brightening or even energetic "plastic surgery" (like a facelift or nose job, or body work such as breast lift, tummy tuck, butt lift, cellulite reduction, or energetic liposuction), you'll find it here! Check out my services, and email or call to make an appointment today.

Services Include:

  • Softening a hair style, relaxing a cowlick.
  • Restoring natural hair color, removing gray
  • Removing unwanted hair; thinning excess hair
  • Thickening hair, Improving hair health
  • Thickening & lengthening eyelashes
  • Healing energy facials
  • Energetic nose shaping
  • Invigorating facelifts
  • Revitalizing neck lifts
  • Reducing & removing wrinkles, scars, moles, acne, sun spots
  • Minimizing cellulite
  • Rejuvenating varicose veins
  • Shrinking stretch marks
  • Energetic breast lift
  • Energetic tummy tuck
  • Energetic butt lift
  • Energetic liposuction & weight loss
  • Chakra opening and activation
  • Chakra balancing


“Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson    

Silver Certificate

This practitioner has successfully completed a program that is certified by the International Association of Cosmetic Healing Arts.


"There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty"

- Joseph Addison